Wrongful Death



Death.  Once a person dies, the law no longer recognizes the person as being able to bring a lawsuit.  A probate estate has to be opened to obtain damages on behalf of the deceased.   Damages include the conscious pain and suffering the person endured leading up to their demise.

In addition, a large component of damages can be economic losses.  For example, a 45 year old that earns $80,000 per year that dies could have 20 years of lost income which would total $1,600,000.00 in economic losses.   The economic losses are in addition to the conscious pain and suffering.


A wrongful death case could arise out of a number of incidents.  Death could be caused by:  medical malpractice; a trucking collision; a plane crash;  a pedestrian hit by a vehicle; mesothelioma; or a motorcycle collision.


The insurance would depend on the type of case causing death.  See negligence above.

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