Plan Crashes


When a plane crashes, the National Transportation Safety Board conducts an investigation. The flight recorder is examined. So are the flight logs and transmissions. Usually the NTSB aids in the determination if the airline and/or pilot could have prevented the plane crash.


Most plane crashes result in death. The jet fuel is highly flammable as well as the speed the plane is traveling often make for tragic results.

The estate of the decedent has a claim for conscious pain and suffering. In addition, the dependants of the person that lost their life to the plane crash have a claim for economic losses such as loss of financial support. For example, a 35 year old earning $60,000 per year could have thirty years of lost wages totaling $1,800,000.00 in economic losses in addition to the conscious pain and suffering.


Most injury cases involve the recovery of insurance coverage. Insurance is sometimes controlled by the negligent defendant. For example, a negligent truck driver could be employed by a trucking company which may have $1,000,000 policy for an over the road truck. The state minimum for automobile liability insurance in Michigan was $20,000 which increased to $250,000 in liability coverage for a policy renewed after July 1st 2020

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